Campus Public Safety Office

Campus Public Safety Office
503-725-4407 (business)

503-725-4404 (emergency)

148 Shattuck Hall


The Campus Public Safety Office consists of four components: Public Safety, Dispatch, Clery, and Lenel & Access, who are responsible for providing physical security services to Portland State University and to work closely with the local, state, and federal police agencies to provide a safe and healthy community for learning.

Campus Public Safety Officers provide a continuous presence on campus and have Law Enforcement authority to arrest individuals involved in illegal acts on-campus. Campus Public Safety Officers patrol by vehicle, bicycle and on foot to provide assistance to those in need. If minor offenses involving University rules and regulations are committed by a University student, the Campus Public Safety Office may also refer the individual to the disciplinary division of Student Affairs. A trained and experienced Campus Public Safety Detective is available to assist in complex investigations including sexual assault investigations.

Campus Dispatchers provide 24/7 access for persons needing emergency and after-hours assistance including escort requests, suspicious activity, emergency medical, or crime reporting. The Campus Public Safety Dispatch center provides the university with a central communications hub to access a myriad of resources both internally and externally including being the after-hours contact point for the CARE Team.

The intent of the Clery report is to inform the community of the extent of reported crimes occurring in the previous calendar year. Data is collected from a variety of sources, including Portland Police Bureau and various University departments such as the Campus Public Safety Office, Dean of Students Life, Office of Residence Life, Athletics Department, Human Resources Center, Student Activities Leadership Program, Global Diversity and Inclusion, and the Women’s Resource Center.

Public Safety's Lenel & Access unit is responsible for providing building access and codes.