Undergraduate Programs

The undergraduate degrees in the School of Public Health are in Health Studies and in Applied Health & Fitness. The Health Studies curriculum is designed around a common core of courses and four separate tracks: aging services, community health education, health sciences, and school health. 

The Applied Health & Fitness degree has 3 tracks: fitness & exercise, fitness for special populations, and health coaching. 

Degree Maps and Learning Outcomes

Admission requirements

Applied Health Fitness B.A./B.S.

Health Studies B.A./B.S.

Aging Services Minor

Community Health Minor

Health Studies Secondary Education Program

Community Health Courses

PE Courses

Community Health Minor

The minor in community health consists of coursework selected from the list of core coursework and provides students with a foundation of theory and content related to community health.

Students pursuing a Bachelors degree in any of the Health Studies concentrations are not eligible for a minor in Community Health.


To earn a minor in community health, students must complete at least 28 credits. At least 16 credits must be taken in residence at PSU, and 16 credits must be upper-division. The requirement for the minor includes:


PHE 250Our Community: Our Health


PHE 350Health and Health Systems


PHE 363Communicable Diseases and Chronic Health Problems


PHE 450Epidemiology


PHE 452UGender, Race, Class and Health


PHE or approved electives


Other electives may be taken with advisor approval.

Total Credit Hours: 28