Graduate programs

Educational Leadership and Policy M.A./M.S.

The Department of Educational Leadership and Policy (ELP) offers a department-wide Master of Arts and Master of Science degree with specializations in: Postsecondary, Adult, and Continuing Education (PACE);  Leadership in Sustainability Education (LSE); and Educational Administration, Initial Administrator License/ Preliminary Administrative License (MS/MA+IAL).

The purpose of these programs is to inspire and guide educational leaders in creating a socially just world. Through teaching, research and advocacy, the ELP department inspires and guides educational leaders to create collaborative, sustainable practices that advance equity and social justice in our communities. 

All students admitted to the 45-credit master’s program must complete four required courses from the Professional Studies Core. Within each specialization students may elect to develop, with their advisers, a general program or theme (special emphasis or focus).


Core Courses (16 credits)

ELP 511Principles of Educational Research and Data Analysis I


ELP 520Developmental Perspectives on Adult Learning


ELP 568Educational Organization and Administration


And Either

ELP 551Social Foundations of Education



ELP 554Philosophy of Education


In consultation with the adviser, students must complete courses that support their area of specialization and select one of two options to complete the requirements for the master’s degree (a thesis or a comprehensive examination). The majority of students complete the comprehensive exam which involves a professionally grounded theory-to-practice project formally contextualized in the research literature. The thesis is likely to significantly extend a student’s time to completion. Courses numbered 808 do not count toward degree completion. Further information about each of these areas of specialization may be obtained from the Graduate School of Education. For more information please visit our web site at

Information about specific specializations and licensure programs can also be found on our website.

MA/MS Postsecondary Adult and Continuing Education


MA/MS Leadership for Sustainability Education

Educational Administration:

  • Initial Administrative Licensure / Preliminary Administrative Licensure

  • MA/MS+Initial Administrative Licensure / Preliminary Administrative Licensure

  • Continuing Administrative Licensure / Professional Administrative Licensure


Graduate Certificates