In Oregon, a system of multiple measures is used to determine the status of program completers, who can then be recommended to the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TPSC) for licensure. One component of this system requires the educator to pass a basic skills test, subject matter tests, and a civil rights knowledge test. For information on Oregon testing requirements please refer to the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission website.

Because passing tests is required for program completion in Oregon, the state pass rate is 100%. Those who do not pass the required tests are not considered program completers and are not eligible for licensure recommendation.

Graduate Teacher Education Program

Elementary Mathematics Instructional Leader Specialization

Mathematics Instructional Leader - Grades 6-12 Specialization

Inclusive Elementary Educator Program (IEEP)

Secondary Dual Educator Program (SDEP)

Orientation and Mobility Stand Alone

Orientation and Mobility Add On

International Teacher Education Program

Bilingual Teacher Pathway (BTP) Program


ESOL/Bilingual endorsement

Educational Administration

Literacy Education/Reading Endorsement

School Counseling Licensing

Special Education Licensure Programs

Special Educator Initial License Program

Added Special Educator Endorsement (AddSPED)

Visually Impaired Learner Initial License or Endorsement Program

Early Intervention Special Education Initial License or Endorsement Program

Added Special Educator Endorsement (AddSPED)

The AddSPED endorsement program is designed especially for Oregon teachers with general education licenses at the elementary and/or middle/secondary grade levels that want to add a special education endorsement to their current non-provisional license.  AddSPED is a six term part time program offered using a hybrid format that is designed with working teachers in mind. 

For current prerequisites, please see:



SpEd 514Legal and Ethical Foundations of Special Education


SpEd 530Families and Advocacy


SpEd 537Reading Assessment & Instruction (Elementary)


SpEd 509Professional Practices Seminar 1


SpEd 548Positive Behavior Support in the Classroom


SpEd 522Comprehensive Individualized Assessment and Curriculum 1


SpEd 512Diagnostic Assessment


SpEd 523Comprehensive Individualized Assessment and Curriculum II


SpEd 510Inclusive Practices


SpEd 509Practicum II


SpEd 526IEP and Collaborative Teaming


SpEd 516Classroom Assessment, Instruction, and Behavior Management (Secondary)


Total Credit Hours: 39