Graduate programs

The Department of Biology offers graduate degrees leading to the Master of Arts or Master of Science, and the Master of Arts in Teaching or Master in Teaching Science/ Biology. The department also offers an advanced Ph.D. degree in biology. The latter specialized degree is attained through the successful completion of requirements as stipulated by the department and the student’s research committee (see below).

Admission requirements

Biology M.A./M.S.

Biology M.A.T./M.S.T.

Biology Continuing Teaching License

Biology Ph.D.

Biology Continuing Teaching License

The requirements for the continuing teaching license include satisfactory completion of 45 credits of upper-division and graduate work earned subsequent to receipt of a bachelor’s degree. The 45 credits are in addition to those required for the initial teaching license. For the continuing endorsement in biology, the student must take at least 15 credits of adviser-approved graduate-level work distributed to strengthen the student’s background in science. Although no specific courses in science are required for the continuing endorsement, combined undergraduate and graduate preparation must include at least 36 credits in biology and must include specific courses. Each student’s program is tailored to meet the needs of the individual and the requirements of the continuing endorsement and the continuing license. See Licensure for the required education courses.