Graduate Programs

The Environmental Science and Management (ESM) graduate program provides a curriculum that will develop scientists and managers able to analyze and understand environmental systems, predict environmental change and participate in the management of the environment. Each student conducts research and completes a thesis or project; each student develops depth in a specific academic area; and each student develops breadth through a set of core courses that include concepts in physical systems, ecological systems and management. Areas of primary specialization are terrestrial, urban and aquatic ecology as they relate to human impacts and management. ESM offers the Masters of Science (MS), the Masters of Environmental Management (MEM), and the Professional Science Masters (PSM) degrees. The Department also participates in the Earth, Environment, & Society Ph.D. degree

The following procedures are designed to assure that the student is qualified to pursue both the program itself and a successful career in environmental science and management.

Admission requirements

Environmental Science and Management M.S./M.E.M./P.S.M.

Hydrology Graduate Certificate

Hydrology Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate of Hydrology is designed to give students advanced training in hydrology, and leads to professional certification with the American Institute of Hydrology (AIH). More information about the certificate can be found at