Undergraduate programs

The Department of Environmental Science and Management offers two undergraduate degrees. The Environmental Science degree is focused on natural science, whereas the Environmental Studies degree is focused more on policy and management. The B.A./B.S. degrees in both Environmental Science and Environmental Studies rest on an interdisciplinary curriculum that develops understanding and expertise in environmental science by building on a foundation in mathematics, natural sciences, and economics complemented by related courses in environmental policy and management. Students should consult with a department adviser to assure proper course planning. Students can complete field experiences by working on projects in the University, metropolitan community, and region.

Degree Maps and Learning Outcomes

Admission requirements

Environmental Science B.A./B.S.

Environmental Studies B.A./B.S.

Environmental Science/Environmental Studies Honors Track

Climate Adaptation and Management Certificate

Forest Ecology and Management Certificate

Lake and Reservoir Management Certificate

Environmental Science Minor

Sustainability Minor

Environmental Science/Environmental Studies Honors Track

The Honors Track in Environmental Science or Environmental Studies will allow outstanding undergraduate students to obtain recognition for exceptional performance in coursework and research. Students will gain real life experience that will assist them when applying to graduate school and/or for a professional career position. Acceptance into the ESM Honors Track gives students an opportunity to work closely with a faculty mentor and the graduate students in his/her lab. In addition, participation in the Honor’s Track strengthens the student's resume and provides them access to professional networking contacts.

This program is designed for upper division ESM majors who wish to deepen their knowledge base in a particular area of interest. Under the guidance of an assigned faculty adviser, participants will identify a research project that will include readings, field or lab work, and a thesis. For additional information about the ESM Honors Track, please visit the department website.