Undergraduate programs

The Department of Environmental Science and Management offers two undergraduate degrees. The Environmental Science degree is focused on natural science, whereas the Environmental Studies degree is focused more on policy and management. The B.A./B.S. degrees in both Environmental Science and Environmental Studies rest on an interdisciplinary curriculum that develops understanding and expertise in environmental science by building on a foundation in mathematics, natural sciences, and economics complemented by related courses in environmental policy and management. Students should consult with a department adviser to assure proper course planning. Students can complete field experiences by working on projects in the University, metropolitan community, and region.

Degree Maps and Learning Outcomes

Admission requirements

Environmental Science B.A./B.S.

Environmental Studies B.A./B.S.

Environmental Science/Environmental Studies Honors Track

Climate Adaptation and Management Certificate

Forest Ecology and Management Certificate

Lake and Reservoir Management Certificate

Environmental Science Minor

Sustainability Minor

Forest Ecology and Management Certificate*

The department is currently not accepting applications to this certificate.

Forest management requires a consideration of the ecological, social, and policy context of Oregon’s forests, including urban forests. This certificate is designed to provide the academic background required for understanding and managing forests beyond traditional industrial forestry needs. Students who complete the certificate will be prepared to take active roles in and contribute to management of Oregon’s forests.

This is a rigorous certificate that will require eight 400-level courses.  The courses are split between forest ecology, watershed functioning, management, and policy areas. Although any student could earn the certificate, they will have to have had many pre-requisites (or equivalent preparation) in ESM or Geography.

Certificate requirements


Bi 471Plant Ecology


Bi 476Population Ecology


ESM 427Watershed Biogeochemistry


ESM 435Natural Resource Policy and Management


ESM 445Old-growth Forest Ecology


ESM 465Investigating Ecological and Social Issues in Urban Parks and Natural Areas


Geog 413Disturbance Biogeography of Pacific Northwest


Geog 415Soils and Land Use


Geog 448The Urban Forest


Total Credit Hours:16

Core courses

ESM 407Forest Ecology and Management Seminar


ESM 418/Geog 418Landscape Ecology


ESM 425Watershed Hydrology


ESM 444Forest Ecology


Total Credit Hours:13
Students must take required courses for a differentiated grade and earn a C-or better for it to count toward the certificate (except that a P is acceptable for the ESM 407 only).

Total Credit Hours: 29