Combined Undergraduate and Graduate Degree

B.S. in Quantitative Economics+Master of Science (B.S.Q.E.+M.S.)

Students in the B.S. in Quantitative Economics program may be admitted directly into the M.S. in Economics program and “share” 15 credits of graduate level credit with the B.S.Q.E. and M.S. in Economics.

Admissions Criteria

  • Program is only available to PSU students already in the BSQE major.
  • BSQE majors may apply for the BSQE+MS program upon earning junior status if on track to complete at least 165 undergraduate credits before starting the Master's theory sequence in Fall term. To plan a program of study, students should consult with the Economics graduate adviser in their junior year.
  • Candidates for the BSQE+MS program should apply online to the BSQE+MS program, not the MS program, by submitting a graduate application through the Graduate School. Prior to beginning the application process, students are strongly encouraged to contact the graduate adviser.
  • As part of the graduate application process, applicants will not be required to submit GRE scores provided they satisfy the following requirements:
      • A GPA of 3.5 or above for all economics classes

      • A PSU institutional GPA of 3.3

      • 500-level courses must be graded B or better

      • All undergraduate economics courses must be graded C- or better

      • No P/NP credit in required economics, mathematics and statistics classes

      • Department residency requirement of 24 undergraduate economics credits taken at PSU satisfied

      • PSU residency requirement for 45 of last 60 credits taken at PSU satisfied