Graduate programs

The Department of Economics offers graduate work leading to the Master of Science and Master of Arts degrees, as well as two graduate certificates, the Graduate Certificate in Econometrics and Data Analysis and the Graduate Certificate in Environmental and Resource Economics.

Admission requirements

Economics M.S./M.A.

Econometric and Data Analysis Graduate Certificate

Environmental and Resource Economics Graduate Certificate

Sustainability Graduate Certificate

Econometric and Data Analysis Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Econometric and Data Analysis consists of four 4-credit courses for a total of 16 credits. There are three required courses and one elective course. The curriculum is designed to allow students to complete the certificate in one academic year.


Econometrics Core Sequence

Ec 570Econometrics


Ec 571Advanced Econometrics


Ec 576Implementing Econometrics using Stata and R


Note: Ec 570 is a prerequisite for Ec 571. However, Ec 576 can be taken out of sequence.

Elective Course

Any graduate course numbered Ec 511 and above may satisfy the elective requirement. Elective courses should be selected in consultation with the Graduate Program Director as advance approval may be required.