Graduate programs

The Department of Economics offers graduate work leading to the Master of Science and Master of Arts degrees, as well as two graduate certificates, the Graduate Certificate in Econometrics and Data Analysis and the Graduate Certificate in Environmental and Resource Economics.

Admission requirements

Economics M.S./M.A.

Econometric and Data Analysis Graduate Certificate

Environmental and Resource Economics Graduate Certificate

Sustainability Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate in Environmental and Resource Economics (G.C.E.R.E.)

The Graduate Certificate in Environmental and Resource Economics requires 16 credits of graduate coursework. The certificate provides students with an understanding of the critical linkages between economics and key environmental issues. It also offers an introduction to the most important analytical tools, including cost-benefit analysis. Students will develop a solid understanding of the major local, national and global environmental challenges, provide insights into how markets allocate natural resources and the market and government "failures" associated with the environment and will be introduced to some of the tools used to analyze the effects of alternative resource and environmental regulations and policies.


Prerequisite economics course (4 credits)

Must be taken at PSU.

Ec 201Principles of Microeconomics


Core economics courses (12 credits)

Ec 522Economics of Sustainability: Theory and Practice


Ec 527Cost-Benefit Analysis


Ec 530Resource and Environmental Economics


Total Credit Hours:12

Graduate Elective course (4 credits)

Any graduate Economics course numbered 511/611 or above is automatically approved as an elective.  Appropriate courses from other departments can be applied to the electives requirement with advance approval of the Graduate Program Director.

Economics Courses

Ec graduate level elective


Though any Economics course fulfills the elective requirement, the following environmental and resource economics courses may be offered:

  • Ec 532 Advanced Environmental Economics
  • Ec 533 Resource Economics
  • Ec 534 Business Environmental Management
  • Ec 537 Public Utility Economics
  • Ec 543 Global Environmental Economics

Other Courses

Other graduate level elective


Courses from other department can be applied to the electives requirements with prior approval of the Graduate Program Director.

Total Credit Hours: 16