Undergraduate programs

Art History—B.A./B.S.

The study of the history of art is intended to enable the student to analyze diverse works of painting, sculpture, architecture, and new media and to relate artistic production to historical, cultural, and philosophical factors. 

Art history is a flexible degree that prepares students for a range of jobs that require strong communication, research, and critical thinking skills.

Requirements for the B.A./B.S. in Art History

Required Courses

ArH 106Introduction to Visual Literacy



Art 104CORE: Digital Tools


Art 105CORE: Ideation



ArH 204History of Western Art


ArH 205History of Western Art


ArH 206History of Western Art



Eight 4-credit upper-division art history courses, at least two of which must be seminars: ArH 407, ArH 410, and/or ArH 449.



An additional 16 credits of advisor-approved lower- and/or upper-division courses in art history, art practices, graphic design; courses offered in Architecture, Film, Music & Theater; and/or other select liberal arts courses.


Total Credit Hours: 66

Note: ArH 110 Visual Literacy (4 credits) may be taken instead of ArH 106.

Note: ArH 208 Introduction to Asian Art (4 credits) may be substituted for ArH 204, ArH 205, or ArH 206 for students specializing in Asian art.