Undergraduate programs

The School of Music & Theater is located within the hub of musical and theatrical activity in the Pacific Northwest, only three blocks from the Portland Center for the Performing Arts. It maintains close ties to the Oregon Symphony, Portland Opera, Portland Jazz Orchestra, Portland Piano International, Portland Youth Philharmonic,  Chamber Music Northwest, Oregon Repertory Singers, Artists Repertory Theater, Portland Center Stage, Milagro Theatre, and Third Rail Repertory Theater, among other organizations. Faculty and students alike interact with these performing organizations in various ways. 

Students have the opportunity to study with faculty members who are internationally recognized performers, conductors, composers, actors, directors, writers, and scholars. Standards are high as students pursue the conservatory-like Bachelor of Music degree or the more general Bachelor of Arts or Science in Music or Theater. Graduates have consistently demonstrated their excellence in the fields of performance, conducting, composition, acting, writing, production, and scholarship. Many are leaders in music, theater, and education around the Northwest and elsewhere.

Programs in the School of Music & Theater are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music and National Association of Schools of Theater. Graduates have gained admission to both university graduate programs and professional training programs; they have become teachers and university professors; and they have pursued a range of related professions in the arts, education, business, administration, law, social services, and non-profit management.

Degree Maps and Learning Outcomes

Admissions requirement

Degree requirements

Musicology/Ethnomusicology B.A./B.S.

Music Theory B.A./B.S.

Performance B.A./B.S.

Sonic Arts and Music Production

Theater Arts B.A./B.S.

Composition B.M.

Jazz Studies B.M.

Music Education B.M.

Performance B.M.

Performance with an Emphasis on Voice B.M.

Dance Minor

Music Minor

Music History Minor

Theater Arts Minor

Dance Certificate

Music: Performance B.A./B.S.

Serving students who seek a broad liberal arts degree with a major in music, the B.A./B.S. in Music: Performance provides a music foundation with an emphasis in performance within a broad liberal arts framework. Students receive individualized instruction in applied lessons, participate in large ensembles, and perform a culminating recital. Students successfully completing the B.A. or B.S. in Music: Performance will have gained the necessary skills in music performance and supportive curriculum to prepare them for continued academic study in the discipline, along with the breadth of knowledge, critical thinking and expressive skills that can be translated to a wide variety of music-related fields and occupations.


In addition to meeting the general University degree requirements, music majors seeking the B.A. or B.S. in Performance must complete the following courses:


Mup 190Applied Music


Mup 290Applied Music


Mup 390 or 490 Applied Music


Mus 046Piano Proficiency Exam



Mus 047Final Project



Mus 048Junior Recital



Mus 111Music Theory I


Mus 112Music Theory II


Mus 113Music Theory III


Mus 114Sight Singing/Ear Training I


Mus 115Sight Singing/Ear Training II


Mus 116Sight Singing/Ear Training III


Mus 188Performance Attendance


(9 terms required)

Mus 195, 196, 197, or 198 Large Ensemble: Band, Orchestra, Choir, or Jazz Lab Band


Mus 205Listening I


Mus 206Listening II


Mus 211Music Theory IV


Mus 212Music Theory V


Mus 213Music Theory VI


Mus 214Sight Singing/Ear Training IV


Mus 215Sight Singing/ Ear Training V


Mus 216Sight Singing/Ear Training VI


Mus 304Music History: Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque


Mus 305Music History: Classical and Romantic


Mus 306Music History: 20th Century


Mus 351Accompanying


(For piano majors in lieu of 2 credits of Mus 395, 396, or 397)

Mus 395, 396, 397, or 398 Large Ensemble: Band, Orchestra, Choir, or Jazz Lab Band


Upper-division music electives to be chosen by student in consultation with an advisor


Total Credit Hours: 66

Mus 114 - Mus 116: (concurrent enrollment with Mus 111, Mus 112, Mus 113 required)

Mus 214 - Mus 216: (concurrent enrollment with Mus 211, Mus 212, Mus 213 required)

Music majors must enroll in Applied Music and the related Large Ensemble each term.

Candidates for this degree must complete a final project consisting of one of the following: 1) Half recital (30 minutes), 2) Performance project, or 3) Regular performances on area recitals.