Academic Affairs Office of the Provost

Susan Jeffords (2018) Ph.D.
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Professor of English and Women Gender and Sexuality Studies. Ph.D. 1981 University of Pennsylvania. 

Shelly Chabon (2008) Ph.D.

Vice Provost for Academic Personnel & Dean of of Interdisciplinary General Education; Professor of Speech and Hearing Sciences. Ph.D. 1980 University of Pittsburgh.

Office of Academic Innovation

Johannes De Gruyter (2012) M.A., M.Sc.

Executive Director. M.A. 2004 University of Leuven; M.Sc. 2005 University of Amsterdam.

Janelle Voegele (1997) Ed.D.

Director, Teaching, Learning, and Assessment. Ed.D. 2011 Portland State University.

Molly A. Griffith (2008) M.S.

Associate Director, Faculty Support and Emerging Technology. M.S. 2008 Portland State University.

Scott Robison (2016) Ph.D.
Associate Director, eLearning Design. Ph.D. 2007 Ohio University.

Jennifer Alkezweeny (2015) M.S.
Teaching, Learning, and Engagement Associate. M.S. 2002 Portland State University.

Brian Becker (2016) M.S.
Course Builder Specialist. M.S. 2008 Indiana University.

Kevin Berg (2016) J.D.
Project Manager. J.D. 1997 University of Washington.

Kale Brewer (2013) B.A.

Instructional Multimedia Developer. B.A. 2012 Portland State University.

Kari Goin (2014) M.F.A.

Course Builder Specialist. M.F.A. 2013 University of Montana.

Aifang Gordon (2007) Ph.D.

Instructional Designer. Ph.D. 2007 Ohio University.

Lynnae Griffiths (2014) B.A.

Course Support Specialist. B.A. 2014 Portland State University.

Misty Hamideh (2003) M.A.
Instructional Designer. M.A. 2003 Portland State University.

Samantha Johns (2015) B.A.

Accessible Media Coordinator. B.A. 2011 Portland State University.

Kristie Kolesnikov (2015) B.S.
Office Manger. B.S. 2016 Portland State University.

Andrew F. Lawrence (2014) M.A.

Course Support-Information Technology Specialist. M.A. 2014 Portland State University.

Marie S. Lewandowski (2003) M.Ed.

Instructional Designer. M.Ed. 1997 Kent State University.

Toai Nguyen (2014) B.S.
Course Builder Specialist. B.S. 2007 Portland State University.

Vince Schreck (2005) Ed.D.

Instructional Designer. Ed.D. 2004 Portland State University.

Sophie Soprani (2017) B.A.
Communications Specialist. B.A. 2015 Pomona College.

Mark Terui (2010) M.A.

Instructional Designer. M.A. 2001 Pepperdine University.

Laura Wilson (2017) M.F.A.
Instructional Multimedia Coordinator. M.F.A. 2013 Loyola Marymount University.

Jaime R. Wood (2016) M.A., M.F.A.
Teaching Associate. M.A. 2005 Colorado State University; M.F.A. 2010 Eastern Washington University.

Advising & Career Services

Jeanne Ellis (2011) B.S.

Internship Coordinator. B.S. 2005 Portland State University.


Greg Flores (2008) M.S.

Associate Director. M.S. 2008 Portland State University.


Stephanie Hamington (2015) M.S.
Academic & Career Adviser. M.S. 1991 California State University, Los Angeles.

Carla Harcleroad (2016) Ph.D.
Associate Vice Provost, Advising and Career Services. Ph.D. 2007 University of Oregon.

Rebecca Hunt Ingersoll (2003) M.S.

Interim Director. M.S. 1997 Portland State University.


Karen Kennedy (2008) M.A.

Academic & Career Adviser. M.A. 2000 Michigan State University.


Staci Kiker (2015) M.S.
Academic & Career Adviser. M.S. 2007 Portland State University.

Louise Paradis (1994) M.A.

Career Counselor. M.A. 1986 Bowling Green State University.

Leena Shrestha (2008) M.A.
Academic & Career Adviser. M.A. 2005 School for International Training.

Caitlin Sweeney (2016) Ed.S./M.S.
Career Counselor. Ed.S./M.S. 2016 Florida State University.

Mary Vance (1999) M.A.

Career Counselor. M.A. 1997 University of Maryland.

International Affairs

Ron L. Witczak (1995) B.A.
Executive Director, International Affairs. B.A. 1991 Oregon State University.

Jeff Baffaro (2001) B.A.
Director, International Special Programs. B.A. 1978 Portland State University.

Lindsay J. Benstead (2017) Ph.D.
Director, Middle East Studies Center. Ph.D. 2008 University of Michigan.

David Brandt (2011) B.A.
International Scholar & Faculty Adviser. B.A. 1985 Whitman College.

Jonna Lynn Bransford (2015) M.Ed.
International Student Advisor, International Student & Scholar Services. M.Ed. 2011 Portland State University.

Paul Braun (2014) M.A.
Program Manager, International Special Programs. M.A. 2014 Portland State University.

Debra Z. Clemans (1996) M.A.
Finance Officer; Director of Fulbright & Boren Programs. M.A. 1995 Portland State University.

Skye Clifford, (2017) M.A.
Education Abroad Coordinator, Education Abroad. M.A. 2006 University of Freiburg.

Alyse Collins (2004) M.A.

Senior Advisor, Education Abroad. M.A. 2007 Portland State University.

Joshua N. Davis (2008) B.A.
Assistant Director, International Student & Scholar Services. B.A. 2002 Pacific University.

Rachel Dietz (2014) M.S.Ed.
International Student Life Advisor. M.S. Ed. 2011 University of Wisconsin.

Hannah Fischer (2016) M.P.A.
Faculty-Led Program Coordinator, Education Abroad. M.P.A. 2016 Portland State University.

Jennifer Hamlow (2012) M.A.
Director, Education Abroad. M.A. 2002 De Paul University.

Emily Harper (2015) M.A.
International Student Advisor. M.A. 2010 Union University.

Julie Haun (1995) M.A.
Director, Intensive English Language Program;
Instructor in English as a Second Language. M.A. 1995 Portland State University.

Yoko Honda (2013) M.A.
International Student Life Advisor. M.A. 2012 Portland State University.

Corinne Hughes, (2019) B.A.
Outreach Coordinator, Middle East Studies Center. M.P.A. (anticipated 2019), Portland State University

Christine Igarta (2000) M.A.
International Student Advisor. M.A. 2002 Portland State University.

Krista Kennedy (2014) M.S.
Sponsored Student Program Administrator. M.S. 2010 University of Portland.

Rachel Landers (2004) B.A.
Education Abroad Advisor. B.A. 2007 Portland State University.

Masumi Lint (2011) M.A
Program Manager, International Special Programs. M.A. 2006 University of Idaho.

Christina Luther (1998) M.A.
Director, International Student & Scholar Services. M.A. 1993 Portland State University.

Sally Mudiamu (2001) M.A.

Director, International Partnerships and Director, Portland Center. M.A. 1991 London School of Economics & Political Science, University of London.


Eric Skaar (2016) M.S.

International Student Advisor. M.S. 2007 American University.

Jill Townley (1997) M.S.
Associate Director of International Student Life. M.S. 2001 Portland State University.

Suwako Watanabe (1990) Ph.D.
Director, Institute for Asian Studies. Ph.D. Georgetown University.

Anri Zama (2014) M.S.
Program Manager, Portland Center. M.S. 2011 Portland State University

Glen Zimmerman (2001) M.A.
Senior Instructor, Portland Center. M.A. 1996 University of Washington

Learning Center

Liane O'Banion (2001) M.S.

Assistant Director, Learning Center. M.S. 2000 Portland State University.


Tom Bielavitz (2006) M.L.I.S.

Interim Dean; Assistant University Librarian for Administrative Services, Planning, and Digital Initiatives, Associate Professor. M.L.I.S. 2006 Drexel University.

Linda Ueki Absher (2003) M.L.I.S.

Humanities Librarian, Professor. M.L.I.S. 1993 University of California, Berkeley.

Michael S. Bowman (1992) M.Libr.

Engineering Librarian, Professor. M.Libr. University of Washington.


Michelle Desilets (2019) M.L.I.S.
Education and Science Librarian, Assistant Professor. M.L.I.S. 2000 University of Texas at Austin.

Jill Emery (2011) M.L.I.S.

Collection Development Librarian, Associate Professor. M.L.I.S. 1995 University of Texas at Austin.

Emily Ford (2012) M.L.S., M.I.S.

Urban & Public Affairs Librarian, Associate Professor. M.L.S. 2007 Indiana University-Bloomington; M.I.S. 2007 Indiana University-Bloomington.

Arthur W. Hendricks (1996) M.S.

Social Sciences Librarian, Professor. M.S. 1995 University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Charles Ed Hill (2019) M.L.S.
Emerging Technologies Librarian and Head of Library Technology, Senior Instructor 1. M.L.S. 2012 Indiana University, Bloomington.

Elsa Loftis (2018) M.L.I.S.

Humanities and Acquisitions Librarian, Assistant Professor. M.L.I.S. 2009 The Pratt Institute.

Richard M. Mikulski (2018) Ph.D., M.L.S.

Government Documents and Social Sciences Librarian, Assistant Professor. Ph.D. 2014 University at Buffalo, State University of New York; M.L.S. 2009 University at Buffalo, State University of New York.

Cristine N. Paschild (2007) M.A., M.S.I.

University Archivist and Head of Special Collections, Associate Professor. M.A. 1994 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; M.S.I. 2001 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Kimberly D. Pendell (2010) M.S.I.S.

Social Work and Social Sciences Librarian, Associate Professor. M.S.I.S. 2005 University of Texas, Austin.

Joan Petit (2009) M.S.L.S.
Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian, Associate Professor. M.S.L.S. 2006 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Elizabeth Pickard (2015) M.S.I.

Science and Social Sciences Librarian, Assistant Professor. M.S.I. 2007 University of Michigan.

Amy Stanforth (2018) M.L.I.S.

Research and Instruction Librarian, Instructor. M.L.I.S. 2009 Emporia State University.

Jian Wang (1999) M.L.I.S.

Electronic and Continuing Resources Librarian, Professor. M.L.I.S. 1996 Wayne State University.

Kimberly Willson-St. Clair (2011) M.S.

Reference & Instruction Librarian, Assistant Professor. M.S. 2001 University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Qi Wu (2005) M.L.I.S.

Business Librarian, Associate Professor. M.L.I.S. 2002 University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Science and Social Sciences Librarian, Assistant Professor. M.S.I. 2007 University of Michigan.

Robert Schroeder (2004) M.L.I.S.

Education Librarian, Associate Professor. M.L.I.S. 1995 Wayne State University.

Science and Social Sciences Librarian, Assistant Professor. M.S.I. 2007 University of Michigan.

Robert Schroeder (2004) M.L.I.S.

Education Librarian, Associate Professor. M.L.I.S. 1995 Wayne State University.

Emeriti Faculty

William Abrams (1962) M.S.L.S.

Principle Serials Cataloger; Associate Professor. M.S.L.S. 1961 Syracuse University School of Information Studies.

Daphne T. Allen (1970) M.B.A.

Associate Professor Emerita. M.B.A. 1978 University of California, Los Angeles.

Patricia H. Byrd (1961) M.Libr.

Associate Professor Emerita. M.Libr. 1959 University of Washington.

Sharon Elteto (1997) M.L.S.

Associate Professor Emerita. M.L.S. 1997 Emporia State University.

Donald G. Frank (2000) M.A.L.S.

Professor Emeritus. M.A.L.S. 1982 Texas Tech University.

Claudia V. Irla (2001) M.L.S.

Professor Emerita. M.L.S. 1981 University of Maryland.

Mary Ellen Kenreich (1992) M.L.S., M.P.A.
Professor Emerita. M.L.S. 1980 Kent State University; M.P.A. 1999 Portland State University.


Kristen Kern (1998) M.L.S.
Professor Emerita. M.L.S. 1997 Emporia State University.

Robert W. Lockerby (1967) M.S.

Professor Emeritus. M.S. 1979 Portland State University.

Anne G. McMahon (1969) M.L.S.

Associate Professor Emerita. M.L.S. 1965 Pratt Institute.

Gwen E. Newborg (1969) M.A.

Professor Emerita. M.A. 1977 University of Washington.

Oren O. Ogle (1969) M.Libr.

Associate Professor Emeritus. M.Libr. 1969 University of Washington.

C. Thomas Pfingsten (1980) M.L.S.

University Librarian Emeritus. M.L.S. 1966 University of California, Berkeley.

Faye Powell (1985) M.A.

Professor Emerita. M.A. 1982 San Francisco State University.

Terry Rohe (1983) M.L.S.

Professor Emerita. M.L.S. 1972 University of Oregon.

Gary S. Sampson (1972) M.L.S.

Professor Emeritus. M.L.S. 1972 University of California, Berkeley.

Robert Schroeder (2004) M.L.I.S.
Professor Emeritus. M.L.I.S. 1995 Wayne State University.

Helen H. Spalding (2005) M.A., M.P.A.

Professor Emerita. M.A. 1974 University of Iowa, M.P.A. 1985 University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Wendy A. Stewart (1998) M.L.S.

Professor Emeritus. M.L.S. 1995 Syracuse University.

Rosalind C. Wang (1985) M.S.L.S.

Professor Emerita. M.A. 1976 Long Island University.

Robert C. Westover (1971) M.L.S.

Professor Emeritus. M.L.S. 1971 University of Oregon.

William B. Wilson Jr. (1976) M.L.S.

Associate Professor Emeritus. M.L.S. 1970 University of Western Ontario (Canada).

Office of the Registrar

Cynthia H. Baccar (1999) M.S.

Associate Vice President & University Registrar. M.S. 1994 University of Tennessee.

Nicolle DuPont (2001) M.S.

Associate Registrar, Registration & Records M.S. 2010 Portland State University.


Marci Kelly (2018) B.S.
Assistant Registrar, Student Information Technology B.S. 1983 University of Arizona.

Adam Lutzow (2007) B.A.
Assistant Registrar, Academic Scheduling. B.A. 2001 University of Oregon.

Nicholas Matlick (2003) M.A.
Assistant Registrar, Degree Requirements. M.A. 2016 Portland State University.

Luke Norman (2014) B.A.
Assistant Registrar, Registration and Records. B.A. 2009 University of Oregon.

Kathy Thomas (2002) B.S.
Assistant Registrar, Degree Progress Technology. B.S. 2008 Portland State University.

Student Affairs

Michele Toppe (1995) Ed.D.

Vice Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Student Life. Ed.D. 2017 University of Pennsylvania.

Sara Duerr (2007) M.B.A. 

Senior Fiscal Officer. M.B.A. 2017 Portland State University. 

Jess Goodwin (1995) B.S.

Systems Analyst, Manager. B.S. 2003 Portland State University.

Center for Student Health and Counseling

Dana Tasson (1998) M.D.
Executive Director, Center for Student Health & Counseling; Psychiatrist. M.D. 1993 University of Michigan.

Mark Bajorek (1996) M.D.
Director, Health Services; Physician. M.D. 1986 Ohio State University.

Malia Band (2014) R.D.H., M.P.H.
Director, Dental Services; Registered Dental Hygienist. M.P.H. 2014 Portland State University

Heather Goah (2017) M.A. 
Director, Administrative Services & Testing Services. M.A. 2008 Portland State University.

Marcy Hunt (2010) Ph.D.
Director, Counseling Services; Psychologist. Ph.D. 2002 University of Oregon.

Julie Weissbuch Allina (2013)  M.S.W.
Director, Health Promotion & Education.  M.S.W. 2001 St. Louis University.

Housing and Residence Life

Mike Walsh (2013) Ed.D.
Executive Director, Housing and Residence Life. Ed.D. 2013 Portland State University.

Courtney Shiroma (2010) M.Ed.

Associate Director, Housing and Residence Life. M.Ed. 2006 Western Carolina University.

Ashley Wendler (2010) M.Ed.
Associate Director, Housing and Residence Life. M.Ed.  2007 University of Kansas.

Office of the Dean of Student Life

Dana Walton-Macaulay (2017) J.D.

Assistant Dean of Student Life and Director of Conduct and Community Standards. J.D. 2004 University of Arkansas Little Rock.


Brian Paez M.S.W (2017) M.S.W.
CARE Team Case Manager. M.S.W. 2010 Arizona State University.

Erica Geller (2012) M.A.
Student Conduct Investigator. M.A. 2019 Portland State University.

Jazzmyn Hunsaker (2019) M.A.
Administrative Program Assistant. B.A. 2013 University of California Santa Barbara.

Naomi Miu (2019) B.A.
Executive Assistant, Dean of Student Life. B.A. 2018 Portland State University.

Aimee Shattuck (2002) M.S.W.

Director, Student Activities and Leadership Programs. M.S.W. 2002 Portland State University.

Erica Bestpitch (2012) M.S.
Director, Women's Resource Center. M.S. 2012 Portland State University. 

G. Lisa Wittorff (2012) M.S.W.
Director, Services for Students with Children. M.S.W. 1988 California State University.


Kirsten Keith (2010) M.A.
Director, Queer Resource Center. M.A. 2016 Portland State University.