Enrollment Management


Undergraduate Admissions and New Student Programs

Yohlunda Mosley (2018) M.A.
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment. M.A. 1995 The University of Iowa.

Bill Ryder (1999) M.S. 
Director of Admissions Technology. M.S. 1996 State University of New York College--Buffalo.

Brett McKinney (2014) M.S.
Director, New Student Programs. M.S. 2011 City University of New York--Hunter College. 

Christopher Skinner (2011) M.A.
Director, Admissions Operations. M.A. 1995 University of California--Santa Barbara.

Emily Offerdahl (2016) M.A.
Director, Marketing and Communications. M.A. 2014 American University.

Eki Yandall (2017) M.Ed.
Director, Domestic Recruitment and Outreach. M.Ed. 2014 Willamette University.

Samuel Dunlop (2013) M.A.
Director, International Recruitment and Outreach. M.A. 2013 Portland State University. 

Erin Jensen (2011) M.P.A.
Assistant Director, Admissions. M.P.A. 2018 Portland State University. 

Dave Kobzina (2005) M.S.
Assistant Director, Transfer Recruitment. M.S. 2006 Portland State University. 

Natali Pardo (2015) M.A.
Commencement Coordinator. M.A. 2015 Portland State University. 

Kanani Porotesano (2006) M.S.
Assistant Director, Campus Visits and Events. M.S. 2009 Portland State University. 

Tania Sanchez (2013) , B.A.
Assistant Director, Multicultural Recruitment and Outreach. B.A. 2012 Portland State University. 

Student Financial Aid and Scholarships

Henry George (2007) B.A. 

Assistant Director for Loans and Communications. B.A. 2007 Portland State University.

Shelly Sass (2009) M.P.A.
Assistant Director for Compliance and Operations. M.P.A. 2016 Portland State University.

Deanna Smith (1997) B.A.
Associate Director. B.A. 1991 Portland State University.