Finance and Administration

Kevin Reynolds (2005) Ph.D.
Vice President for Finance and Administration. Ph.D. 1987 University of Southampton.

Don Forsythe (1999) M.S.Ec.
Treasurer and University Debt Manager. M.S.Ec. 2005 Portland State University.

Brian Roy (2013) J.D.
University Risk Manager. J.D. 2002 Louisiana State University.

Susan Klees (2010) M.S.Ed.
Special Assistant to the Vice President for Finance and Administration. M.S.Ed. 2012 Portland State University.

Campus Public Safety

Donnell Tanksley (2017).

Chief, Campus Public Safety Office. 

Campus Recreation

Alex Accetta (2001) Ed.D.

Assistant Vice President, Campus Rec, Student Union and Viking Pavilion Services. Ed.D. 2017 Portland State University. 

Jen Armbruster (2010) M.S.

Inclusive Rec and Community Services Coordinator. M.S. 2000 Sam Houston State University.

Tyler Baker (2009) M.Ed.

Facility Coordinator. M.Ed. 2007 Washington State University.

Todd Bauch (2003) M.A.

Associate Director. M.A. 1998 Southern Illinois University.

Erin Bransford (2009), M.A.

Coordinator of Fitness & Health Promotion. M.A. 2009 Sonoma State University.

Chris Bullard (2014) M.Ed.

Outdoor Program Assistant Coordinator. M.Ed. 2010 Georgia College and State University.

Ashley Campbell (2008) M.A.

Training and Development Coordinator. M.A. 2014 Portland State University.

Marcos Ordaz (2018) M.S.
Aquatics & Safety Coordinator. M.S. 2017 Georgia State University.

Easton Henrikson (2016) M.B.A.

Coordinator, Special Events and Intramural Sports. M.B.A. Oregon State University.

Ann Marie Hingley (2012) M.S.

Coordinator, Outdoor Program. M.S. 2007 Southern Illinois University.

Joelle Kenney (2005) B.S.
Membership Services Coordinator. B.S. 2009 Portland State University.

Peter Kramer (2009) M.S.

Coordinator, Recreation Clubs. M.S. 2011 Portland State University.

Cynthia Chiki Kwong (2016) B.A.
Administrative Program Assistant. B.A. 1993 Oregon State University.

Erin Merz (2015) M.A.

Marketing & Outreach Coordinator. M.A. 2008 New York Institute of Technology.

Atsu Nagayama (2002) B.A.

Assistant Director of Business Operations and Human Resources. B.A. 1994 Northwestern University.

Jennifer Welnick (2005) M.S.

Associate Director of Programs. M.S. 2005 Portland State University.

Human Resources

Isaac Dixon (2016) Ph.D.

Associate Vice President, Human Resources. Ph.D. 2009 Capella University.

Ramon Diaz (2013) M.A.
Director of Human Resources, Employee and Labor Relations and Protected Leaves. M.A. 2011 University of Hawai'i at Manoa.

Christina Kraus (2008) M.B.A.
Director for Human Resources, Employment Services. M.B.A. 2014 George Fox University.

Planning, Construction, and Real Estate

Dan Zalkow (2000) M.U.R.P.
Associate Vice President for Planning, Construction and Real Estate. M.U.R.P. 2004 Portland State University.

Jason Franklin (2012) M.U.R.P.
Director of Campus Planning and Design. M.U.R.P 1997 Portland State University.

Ron Blaj (2011) M.S.
Director of Capital Projects and Construction. M.S. 1980 Stanford University.

Jenny McNamara (2011) B.A.
Campus Sustainability Manager. Human Ecology & Sustainable Systems. B.A. 2003 University of North Carolina Greensboro.

Karen Powell (2016) M.A.
Director of Facilities and Property Management. M.A. 2014 St. Mary’s College.

Ian Stude (2004)
Director of Transportation & Parking Services.

Erin Inskeep (2011) M.B.A.
Chief Finance and Budgetary Officer for Planning, Construction & Real Estate. M.B.A. 2011 Portland State University.

Smith Memorial Student Union

Christopher C. Augeri (2016) M.S.
Director, Conference & Event Services- Venues and Operations. M.S. 2012 Simmons College.

Brittany Goltry (2017) B.A.
Marketing & Communications Coordinator. B.A. 2012 Carroll College.

Lisa Hudspeth (2014) B.A.
Scheduler and Planner. B.A. 1990 University of Oregon.

James Muir (2013) A.A.S.
Trades Maintenance Coordinator. A.A.S. 2012 Portland Community College.

Casey Payseno (2004) M.Ed.
Assistant Director. M.Ed. 2009 Portland State University.

Chad Robertson (2016) B.S.
Operations Specialist. B.S. 2015 University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Pili Sueoka (2017) B.A.
Campus Scheduling Coordinator. B.A. 2017 Portland State University.

Student Financial Services

Amanda Nguyen (2009) M.B.A.
Director of Student Financial Services. M.B.A. 2008 Marylhurst University.

University Budget Office

Andria Johnson (2010) M.S.F.A.
University Budget Director. M.S.F.A. 2013 Portland State University.

University Financial Services

Jason Abbot (2011) M.S. 

Interim Controller. MS 2006 James Madison University.

University Risk Management

Brian Roy (2013) J.D.
Associate Vice President, Risk and Contracting. J.D. 2002 Louisiana State University.

Don Johansen (2006) B.S.
Assistant Director, Risk Management. B.S. 1974 Portland State University.

Emma Stocker (2016) M.P.A.
Director of Emergency Management. M.P.A. 2014 University of Oregon.

Jeff Rook (2004) M.L.
Director, Environmental Health & Safety. M.L. University of St. Andres, Scotland, UK.

Karen Thomson (2006) J.D.
Director, Contracts & Procurement. J.D. 1982 Lewis and Clark Law School.