Global Diversity and Inclusion

Julie Caron (2011) J.D.

Interim Vice President for Global Diversity & Inclusion; Title IX Coordinator. J.D. 1989 Northwestern School of Law, Lewis and Clark College.

Diversity and Multicultural Student Services

CeCe Ridder (2012) Ph.D.

Assistant Vice President, Student Access and Success. Ph.D. 2011 The University of Texas at Austin.

Matthew Blancas (2016) B.S.
Office Assistant, Disability Resource Center. B.S. 2013 University of Montana.

Trevino Brings Plenty (2016) B.A.
Coordinator, Native American Student Services. B.A. 2014 Portland State University.

Michele Bromley (2014) M.A.
Adaptive Technology Specialist and Alternative Formats Coordinator. M.A. 2013 Oregon State University.

Laura Boughton (2015) B.A.
Paralegal - Student Legal Services. B.A. 1991 Evergreen State College.

Shanice B. Clarke (2016) M.A.

Program Coordinator, Pan-African Commons. M.A. 2016 University of Northern Colorado.

R. Philip Dirks (1989) M.A.

Project Director of Educational Talent Search and Upward Bound. M.A. 1983 Iowa State University.

Jen Dugger (2012) M.A.
Director, Disability Resource Center. M.A. 2005 Southeast Missouri State University.

Robert Franklin (2017) B.A.
Building Manager, Native American Student and Community Center. B.A. 2017 Northern Arizona University

Cynthia Gómez (1999) M.S.
Executive Director of Cultural Resource Centers for Diversity and Multicultural Student Services; Faculty, University Studies & Public Administration. M.S. 2001 Portland State University.

Andrea Griggs (2012) M.Ed.

Coordinator of Counseling Services, TRiO - Student Support Services. M.Ed. 2008 University of Washington.

Brooke Friederichs (2015) B.S.
College Coordinator in TRIO Upward Bound/Talent Search. B.S. 2011 University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh.

Jewls Harris (2013) M.A. 
Access Counselor and Consultant, Disability Resource Center. M.A. 2008 Portland State University.

Chennettée Jelleberg (2016) M.S. 
Access Counselor and Consultant, Disability Resource Center. M.S. 2015 Portland State University

Darryl Kelley, Jr. (2006) B.A.
9th-10th Grade Adviser in Upward Bound/ETS: Project PLUS. B.A. 2002, Linfield College.

Darcy Kramer (2007) M.S.
Access Counselor and Consultant, Disability Resource Center. M.S. 2007 Portland State University.

April Kusters (2014) J.D.
Assistant Director - Student Legal Services. J.D. 2008 Lewis & Clark Law School.

Sara Lavender (2016) B.A.
Office Manager, Student Legal Services. B.A. 2015 Portland State University.

Michelle Lee (2016) M.S.
Coordinator, Asian & Pacific Islander Student Services. M.S. 2015 Seattle University.

Linda L. Liu (2008) M.A.

Program Director, TRiO - Student Support Services. M.A. 1998 University of Oregon.

Sarah Livingood (2016) B.S.
Office Manager, Disability Resource Center. B.S. 2016 Portland State University.

Emanuel Magaña (2012) M.S.

Coordinator, Latino/a Student Services. M.S. 2012 Oregon State University.

Marlon Marion (2011) M.S.

Coordinator, African American Student Services. M.S. 2009 Portland State University.

Andrew C. Morales (2016) B.S.
Office Manager, Cultural Resource Centers. B.S. 2010 Utah Valley University.

Karen Morehouse (2008) M.S.
Access Counselor and Consultant. M.S. 2002 Portland State University.

Kevin Pelatt (2017) B.S.
Office Manager, Veterans Resource Center. B.S. 2017 Portland State University.

Perla Pinedo (2003) M.A.

Director, Retention Programs. M.A. 2008 Portland State University.

Makerusa Porotesano (2016) M.Ed.
Program Coordinator of PIAAA Student Center. M.Ed. 2015 Chaminde University of Honolulu. 

Efrain Rivas-Flores (2014) M.A.
College Coordinator in TRIO Upward Bound/Talent Search. M.A. 2014 New Mexico State University.

Yolonda Salguiero (2017) M.S.W.
Program Coordinator, Native American Student & Community Center, MSW. 2016 Portland State University.

Felita Singleton (2016) M.S.
Director, Veterans Resource Center. M.S. 2011 University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee.

Richard Slottee (2015) J.D.

Director and Managing Attorney - Student Legal Services. JD. 1972 University of Oregon School of Law.

Jeffrey Smith (1998) M.A.
Executive Assistant to the Assistant Vice President. M.A. 2008 Portland State University.

Stacie Taniguchi (2014) M.A.

Assistant Director, Cultural Resource Centers & Multicultural Student Center Program Coordinator. M.Ed. 2014 University of West Georgia.

Rosalyn Taylor (2003) M.Ed.

Coordinator of Instruction/Adviser, TRiO - Student Support Services. M.Ed. 1995 Temple University.

Pedro S. Torres (2013) M.A.
Senior Program Coordinator, La Casa Latina Student Center. M.A. 2013. University of New Mexico.

Shalini Vivek (2014) J.D.
Staff Attorney, Student Legal Services. J.D. 2005 Northeastern School of Law.