Office of Information Technology

Kirk Kelly (2011) M.S.

Chief Information Officer. M.S. 2005 University of Phoenix.

Ryan Bass (2005) M.B.A.

Associate CIO, Technology Infrastructure. M.B.A. 2009 Portland State University.

Sean McKay (2013) M.Ed.

Chief Information Security Officer. M.Ed. 2007 George Fox University.

Brenna Miaira Kutch (2008) M.P.A.

Manager of Culture, Inclusion, and Development. M.P.A. 2018 Portland State University.

Jerrod Thomas (2008) M.S.

Senior Director, Academic & Technology Services. M.S. 2015 Portland State University.

Michele Webber (2016) B.S.

Fiscal Officer. B.S. 1990 Cal State University Dominguez Hills. 

Ellen Weeks (2005) M.Ed.

Associate CIO, Enterprise Solutions. M.Ed. 1991 Portland State University.