Research & Graduate Studies

Brandon Barnhill (2015) B.S.
Compliance Officer-HIPPA & Export Controls, Research Integrity. B.S. 2010 Eastern Oregon University.

Dawn Boatman (2008) M.A.
Assistant Vice President of Research Administration. M.A. 1994 University of North Florida.

Angela Jackson (2010) M.A.
Executive Director of Entrepreneurship and Industry Engagement. M.A. 1993 University of Oregon.

Joseph Janda (2011) M.B.A.
Assistant Vice President for Research. M.B.A. 2015 Portland State University.

Shaun McGillis (2011) M.F.A.

Communications Coordinator, Research Development. M.F.A. 2011 Portland State University.

Mark McLellan (2018) Ph.D.
Vice President for Research & Graduate Studies. Ph.D. 1981 Michigan State University.

Jason Podrabsky (2003) Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Research. Ph.D. 1999 University of Colorado at Boulder.

Margaret Rea (2014) M.A.

Senior Fiscal Officer for Research & Graduate Studies. M.A. 2002 San Francisco State University.

Shannon Roth (2014) E.M.P.A.
Assistant Director, Research Integrity. E.M.P.A. 2017 Portland State University.

Amy Spring (2014) M.S.
Director of Project Management and Communications, Research Development. M.S. 1997 Portland State University.

Jennifer Ward (2012) B.A.

Director of Sponsored Projects Operations. B.A. 2003 University of Colorado at Boulder.

The Graduate School

Rossitza Wooster (2002) Ph.D.
Dean of Graduate Studies; Professor of Economics. Ph.D. 2002 University of Oregon.


Jim Bauer (2013) B.S.
Data Systems Manager. B.S. 2012 Portland State University.


Mary Breaden (2018) M.A.
Associate Director of Admissions, Communications and Marketing. M.A. 2013 Portland State University

Kelly Doherty (2007) M.P.A.
Director of Graduate Admissions. M.P.A. 2010 Portland State University.

Courtney Ann Hanson (2005) M.S.
Director of Graduate Academic Services. M.S. 2012 Portland State University.

Beth Holmes (2008) B.A.
Graduate DARS Coordinator. B.A. 2005 Portland State University.

Edward Lentz (2010). M.S.
Graduate Admissions Coordinator. M.S. 2016 Portland State University

Karen Popp (2007) M.A.
Graduate Student Services Coordinator. M.A. 2009 Portland State University.

Roxanne Treece (2011) B.A.
Assistant Director of Graduate Academic Services. B.A. 2004 Arizona State University

University Research Centers and Institutes

Center for Electron Microscopy and Nanofabrication

Greg Baty (2009) B.S.
SEM Specialist. B.S. 2009 Portland State University.

Zhiqiang (Tony) Chen (2009) Ph.D.
Lab Manager/Research Associate Professor. Ph.D. 2002 the University of Birmingham, UK.

Jun Jiao (1999) Ph.D.
Director/Co-Founder. Ph.D. 1997 University of Arizona.

Center for Interdisciplinary Mentoring Research

Thomas Keller (2006) Ph.D.
Director. Ph.D. 2000 University of Washington.

Kay Logan (2010) M.S. 

Center Coordinator. M.S. 1989 University of California San Francisco.

Digital City Testbed Center

Jonathan Fink (2010) Ph.D.
Director. Ph.D. 1979 Stanford University.

Fletcher Beaudoin (2017) M.P.A.
Advisor. M.P.A. 2009 Columbia University.

Tania Hoode (2012)
Program Assistant. B.A. 1997 The Evergreen State College.

Molly Baer Kramer (2019) Ph.D.
Project Manager. Ph.D. 2018 University of Oxford. 

Stefanie Knowlton (2019) B.A.
Communications Specialist. B.A. 2000 University of Oregon.

Homelessness Research and Action Collaborative

Tania Hoode (2012)
Program Assistant. B.A. 1997 The Evergreen State College.

Stefanie Knowlton (2019) B.A.
Communications Specialist. 2000 B.A. University of Oregon.

Greg Townley (2012) Ph.D.
Director of Research. Ph.D. 2009 University of South Carolina.

Marisa Zapata (2013) Ph.D.
Center Director. Ph.D. 2009 University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Institute for Sustainable Solutions

Molly Baer Kramer (2019) Ph.D.
Project Manager. Ph.D. 2018 University of Oxford. 

Fletcher Beaudoin (2017) M.P.A.
Associate Director. M.P.A. 2009 Columbia University.

Beth Elaine Gilden (2017) M.S.
Research Programs Coordinator. M.S. 2015 Portland State University.

Robert Liberty (2012) J.D.
Director, Institute for Sustainable Solutions; Director, Urban Sustainability Accelerator. J.D. 1981 Harvard Law School.

Elizabeth Lloyd-Pool (2006) B.S.
Program Manager. B.S. 2001 Portland State University.

Jihane Nami (2017) M.S.
Program Manager. M.S. 2013 Staffordshire University.

Transportation Research and Education Center

Joseph Broach (2016) Ph.D.
Research Associate. Ph.D. 2015 Portland State University.

Jennifer Dill (2004) Ph.D.
Director. Ph.D. 2001 University of California, Berkeley.

Lacey Friedly (2013) M.A.
Communications Coordinator. M.A. 2013 Portland State University.

Hau Hagedorn (2006) B.S.
Associate Director. B.S. 1997 University of Minnesota.

Sirisha Kothuri (2014) Ph.D.
Senior Research Associate, Ph.D. 2014 Portland State University

Tammy Lee (2018) Ph.D.
Transportation Data Program Administrator. Ph.D. 2015 Washington State University.

John MacArthur (2009) M.S.
Sustainable Transportation Program Manager. M.S. 1995 University of Michigan.

Cait McCusker (2017) B.A.
Communications Director. B.A. 2009 Bentley University.

Nathan McNeil (2010) MURP
Research Associate. M.U.R.P. 2010 Portland State University.

Lisa Patterson (2016) M.Sc.Eng.
Technology Transfer and Workforce Development Program Manager. M.Sc.Eng. 2009 Portland State University.

Brendan Williams (2019) B.S.

Research Program Administrator. B.S. 2001 University of Connecticut.