Graduate programs

The Mechanical & Materials Engineering Department offers three masters degrees and one PhD degree. Each program is designed to help students achieve career goals, meeting industry or research interests. Students who plan to work or who are currently working in industry, have the ability to earn a masters degree by completing coursework and foregoing research. Students seeking research opportunities or advancement to a PhD program, have the option to perform research with a variety of faculty members and complete either a thesis or project. 

Research areas include:  green buildings, sustainable water, wind energy, capillary fluids, controls, mechatronics, materials testing, nanofabrication and synthesis, and electronic packaging, among others. Information on faculty, research, and labs can be found here.

Admission requirements

Mechanical Engineering M.S.

Materials Science and Engineering M.S.

Mechanical Engineering Ph.D.

Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering

The PhD program in Mechanical Engineering aims to educate technical experts and researchers to fill leadership roles in industry, research and education. The program culminates in a written dissertation representing an original contribution to knowledge in the field. Research areas for the degree include, but are not limited to, bioengineering, building science and energy systems, controls and dynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, materials science, and mechanical design. Candidates for the PhD must meet the University requirements for the degree in addition to the requirements listed below.

In addition to the University doctoral degree requirements, the program requirements include a minimum of 27 credit hours of Mechanical Engineering coursework, a comprehensive examination, prospectus defense, 27 credit hours of dissertation and final dissertation defense. The 27 credit hours of Mechanical Engineering coursework must consist of a minimum of 8 credits of 600-level courses, which can include up to 3 credits of ME 607 seminar. For further information on admission and degree requirements, current course schedule, and research opportunities, students should refer to the Department web site: