Undergraduate programs

The program in political science leading to the B.A. or B.S. degree is designed to meet the needs of the liberal arts major who wishes to learn more about public and international affairs, government, and the demands of citizenship. It is appropriate for professionally motivated students who wish to pursue careers in political science, public administration, international organizations, domestic government, communications, education, or law. It is also appropriate for inquiring students desiring to learn more about the way human beings live together and the structures and institutions they have developed (or might develop) to facilitate social cooperation and conflict management.

The most current information about undergraduate degree programs, internships, and other opportunities is available on the program website (www.pdx.edu/hatfieldschool/undergraduate-program-political-science).

Degree Maps and Learning Outcomes

Admission requirements

Degree requirements

Political Science B.A./B.S.

Political Science Honors Program

Political Science Minor

Law and Legal Studies Minor

Campaigning to Win a US Political Campaign Undergraduate Certificate

Women's Leadership Undergraduate Certificate

Women's Leadership Undergraduate Certificate

The Undergraduate Certificate in Women’s Leadership provides undergraduate students with a focused course of study on women leaders across disciplines, with an emphasis on the challenges that they face and techniques for overcoming those challenges. Certificate requirements include both political science and women’s studies courses, in addition to electives drawn from departments across campus. This certificate offers an interdisciplinary understanding of the current issues facing women leaders today, and also requires participation in a skill-building seminar (PS 381) designed to foster students’ confidence and leadership ability. This certificate is open to any undergraduate with interest in women’s leadership.

Students are required to complete degree requirements specified in their major in order to be awarded the Women’s Leadership Certificate. In addition, students must complete all certificate requirements.

Required Courses

PS 380UWomen and Politics


PS 381Women's Leadership


WS 101Introduction to Women's Studies


Total Credit Hours:12

Elective Courses

Choose 8 credits from approved electives below:

CCJ 350UEthical Leadership in Criminal Justice


NAS 344Indigenous Women Leadership


PA 312UFoundations of Community Leadership


PS 425/WS 424Women and the Law


PS 471Gender & Politics: A Comparative Perspective


WS 307Resistance, Activism, and Social Change


WS 451Interrupting Oppression


Total Credit Hours:8

Total Credit Hours: 20