Transportation and Parking Services

1812 SW 6th Ave, in the Academic & Student Recreation Center

Whether you travel by bike, bus, car, train, skateboard or your own two legs, our mission is the same: Get you to where you need to go on campus in the most efficient, affordable, and sustainable manner possible.

PSU has two light-rail lines, two streetcar lines and over 20 bus routes converging on campus, so it should come as no surprise that public transit is the most popular and convenient option for students. Discounted transit passes, called FlexPasses, are available to current students at approximately 30% less than the standard TriMet rate. These passes can be purchased in person at PSU Transportation & Parking Services with a valid PSU photo ID card.

PSU is also an award-winning bicycle friendly campus. Bicycle parking racks are available outside all buildings on campus as a convenient, short-term parking option for riders. PSU Transportation also manages a growing number of indoor bike parking facilities which allow you to park your bike in a space that’s safe and dry. You can also keep your bike running smoothly at the PSU Bike Hub, an on-campus bike shop at the ASRC, where students and staff can learn to service their bikes, buy accessories and parts, drop off a bike for professional repair or rent a bike.

Need a car once in a while, but don't want the hassle of bringing your own? Zipcar, Portland’s largest carsharing company, has over 25 vehicles available in the university district. PSU students and employees can join this service at a discount. Also be sure to check out Getaround, a peer-to-peer carsharing system, and Car2Go which offers one-way car trips in convenient smart cars all over the central city.

Parking on campus is limited. For those who need to drive to campus, a variety of parking permits are available by the term and by the academic year. Parking permits should be purchased in advance, prior to the term start, as they frequently sell out. Permits can be purchased online at approximately 4 weeks before the start of the term. Permits purchased online are sent by mail and you can print a temporary permit while you wait for it to arrive. Daily and hourly parking is also available in PSU parking structures, lots and on most streets throughout campus.

If you have any questions regarding your transportation options at PSU, please call the Transportation & Parking Services office at 503-725-3442 or visit  The Transportation & Parking Services office is located at 1812 SW 6th Ave, in the Academic & Student Recreation Center.