Portland State University Board of Trustees

On November 21, 2013 the Board of Trustees of Portland State University was confirmed by the Oregon State Senate. Effective July 1, 2014, Portland State University is an independent public university governed by the Board. The Board is composed of 14 trustees, appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Oregon State Senate, and the President of the University (who serves as a non-voting trustee). Trustees, other than the student, faculty, and  non-faculty staff trustees, serve four-year terms, except that half of the inaugural trustees were appointed to two-year terms in order to stagger trustee terms going forward. The student, faculty and non-faculty staff trustees serve two-year terms.  The Board elects its own Chair and Vice Chair, pursuant to the bylaws adopted by the Board.  Trustees Pete Nickerson and Tom Imeson have been elected to serve as Chair and Vice Chair, respectively, for officer terms ending June 30, 2015.  The Secretary to the Board is appointed by the President, with the consent of the Board, and is not a trustee.  The term of office of each trustee expires on June 30 of the year indicated below.

 Swati Adarkar,  vice-chair, Academic and Student Affairs Committee  2017
 Erica Bestpitch, non-faculty staff trustee  2015
 Pamela Campos-Palma, student trustee  2015
 Gale Castillo  2015
 Sho Dozono  2017
 Maude Hines, faculty trustee  2015
 Thomas J. Imeson,  vice-chair of the board; vice-chair, Executive and Audit Committee  2017
 Margaret D. Kirkpatrick, chair, Academic and Student Affairs Committee  2017
 Irving Levin  2017
 Fariborz Maseeh  2015
 Rick Miller (Karl R. Miller, Jr.), chair, Finance and Administration Committee  2015
 Pete Nickerson,  chair of the board; chair, Executive and Audit Committee  2015
 Peter W. Stott  2015
 Christine Vernier, vice-chair, Finance and Administration Committee  2017
 Wim Wiewel, President of the University; ex officio, non-voting trustee  
 David Reese, General Counsel and Secretary to the Board