Education Abroad

Director: Jen Hamlow

206 East Hall, 503-725-5309

PSU supports a long-standing tradition that study of other cultures and places is an essential component of modern education. As a result of our commitment to internationalization the Office of International Affairs sponsors a wide variety of education abroad programs for PSU students year-round. The University administers some of these programs directly, while others are conducted in cooperation with the Oregon University System (OUS) and educational associations such as the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), School for International Training (SIT), and IFSA-Butler.

The office also seeks to facilitate teaching and other opportunities abroad for faculty and to develop bilateral exchanges with universities abroad which will provide exchange opportunities for both faculty and students.

Advisers in the Office of International Affairs provide guidance and assistance for students who seek to enrich their university education through education abroad. PSU offers over 200 programs in more than 80 countries. Because these programs offer residence credit and home campus registration, participating students who are eligible for financial aid at PSU may apply it, in most cases, to these study programs.

PSU has been working with faculty to develop a variety of short-term overseas experiences for students. The length of these programs ranges from two weeks to five weeks, and they are offered throughout the academic year. PSU faculty members have taken students to the Caribbean, Ghana, Kenya, Nicaragua, Mexico, Italy, Guatemala, Suriname, India, and Costa Rica. As these programs vary from year to year, please contact the Office of International Affairs for more information.

Education Abroad opportunities are subject to change throughout the year. For the most current listing of programs available, please visit our website at, or come to our office in East Hall, room 101.