PSU-Waseda Transnational Programs (WTP)

Director: Sally S. Mudiamu

220 East Hall, 503-725-5728

PSU-WASEDA Transnational Programs (WTP) runs academic bridge programs for international students at PSU. WTP offers tracks in Business Administration, International Studies, and Health & Sustainability. The one-year curriculum allows highly motivated international students with 460-526 TOEFL scores to immediately enroll in regular courses with local students. Students enrolled in the Waseda Transnational Programs will not be restricted to enroll in regular ESL courses. The program is accelerated and therefore available to motivated and select students who meet certain criteria.

The WTP Office is results-centered for its students' success and provides an extremely high level of support to its students including: 24/7 on-call student services assistant, extracurricular volunteer placements, housing placement, academic advising, TOEFL preparation and cultural/daily living adjustment. The courses are taught by regular PSU faculty and language support specialists to ensure that students are successful and able to participate with native English speakers in the classroom.