1. Official withdrawals

Students receiving financial aid who need to completely withdraw from classes during a term should officially withdraw (see the instructions in the Schedule of Classes). By using the official withdrawal procedures, students will have tuition refunds calculated by the Student Accounts Department.

Students receiving financial aid who completely withdraw up to the 60 percent point of a term, will be identified. Financial aid staff will use the federal Return of Title IV Funds formula to calculate the percentage of financial aid earned versus the percentage of aid that must be returned to federal aid program accounts. In some cases, the Return of Title IV Funds calculation may take all of a student’s tuition refund to repay federal aid accounts. In addition, students may be responsible for repayment of federal financial aid program funds. Funds are returned to the financial aid programs from which they were awarded, starting with the loan programs.

Students who are considering withdrawing from a term should contact staff in the Office of Admissions, Registration and Records.