2. Unofficial withdrawals

Students who stop attending without officially withdrawing from Portland State University are considered to have unofficially withdrawn. Students who unofficially withdraw may receive all X or M grades at the end of a term. A grade of X is defined as no basis for grade or non-attendance. A grade of M designates a missing grade.

Students who receive financial aid for a term and unofficially withdraw are identified at the end of each term. Each student receiving financial aid who has unofficially withdrawn must provide proof of attendance for the term(s). Students who provide proof of attendance may be subject to the Return of Title IV Funds policy. Students who fail to provide proof of attendance will have all financial aid received repaid to federal accounts (including PLUS loans) and a university accounts receivable will be established.

Refund calculations are based on total tuition and fees. Special fees are nonrefundable. Refunds are computed from the date of official withdrawal or drop; they are not based on when attendance in class ceased. Students who are delayed in withdrawal process for reasons beyond their control may petition for an earlier drop date via a Deadline Appeals petition obtained at the Registration window. Refund consideration is automatic; no special request is necessary. Action to process a refund cannot begin until after the end of the fourth week of the term.