Graduate programs

The Department of Psychology offers work leading to the degrees of Master of Arts and Master of Science. The department also offers a Ph.D. in Applied Psychology. 

Graduate training in psychology at Portland State University provides a sound basis in traditional areas of psychology, while emphasizing applications of psychological theory and research to problems of contemporary society.

The program focus is on applied psychology with an emphasis on three areas: Applied Developmental, Industrial/ Organizational, and Applied Social/Community Psychology. The aim is to prepare graduates for research and service roles in a variety of settings such as government agencies, businesses, educational systems, and hospitals. It should be noted that the graduate program in psychology does not offer graduate degrees in clinical or counseling psychology.

Admissions requirements

Psychology M.A./M.S.

Applied Psychology Ph.D.

Psychology M.A./M.S.

Candidates for the master’s degree must earn a minimum of 56 credits, including thesis, in approved graduate courses, forty of which must be earned in psychology. Proficiency in a foreign language is required for the Master of Arts degree, but not for the Master of Science degree. Students’ individual programs are determined in consultation with their advisers.


The required coursework for the master’s program is as follows:


Psy 521Univariate Quantitative Methods


Psy 522Multiple Regression and Multivariate Quantitative Methods


Psy 514Advanced Applied Social Psychology


Psy 515Advanced Applied Developmental Psychology


Psy 516Advanced Organizational Psychology




Psy 503Thesis



The student must submit and defend the thesis at an oral examination.

Total Credit Hours: 56