Undergraduate programs

Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language (TJFL) Certificate

This program is designed to familiarize participants with principles of instructional methods in teaching Japanese to speakers of languages whose orthography is not kanji-based. It is designed to fit into the programs of majors in a wide variety of fields, including Japanese, education, linguistics, and the social sciences. Candidates may enroll as post-baccalaureate students or while completing undergraduate degree requirements in another field.

Admission requirements

  1. Admission to Portland State University.
  2. Japanese proficiency at the ACTFL Intermediate High level.

Students whose proficiency is lower may be provisionally admitted; they will need to study Japanese while taking other courses in the certificate program.

Course requirements

To qualify for the TJFL certificate, the student must complete 16 credits in theoretical and applied linguistics (through the departments of World Languages and Literatures or Applied Linguistics), 16 credits in Japanese area studies (literature, history, anthropology, etc.), and 8 credits in TJFL Methods (Jpn 477, Jpn 478).




Area Studies


TJFL Methods


Total Credit Hours: 40

Total Credit Hours: 40

All courses used to satisfy certificate course requirements must be graded C or above.