Graduate programs

The School of Community Health graduate programs are designed to prepare students for professional work in the fields of community health, health promotion, and aging in a wide variety of settings. Students may also complete a plan of study that prepares them to pursue a doctoral degree in a health-related area. 

The School of Community Health offers three graduate degrees and one certificate: 

1. A Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) degree in Health Promotion as a partner in the Oregon Master of Public Health Program, a statewide collaborative of Oregon Health & Science University and Portland State University; 

2. A Master of Arts/Master of Science (M.A./M.S.) degree in Health Studies. 

3. The Institute on Aging offers a graduate certificate in Gerontology. 

4. The doctoral program (PhD) in Community Health is an interdisciplinary course of study designed to provide students with advanced learning in conducting research and developing instructional skills in public health with a focus on community engagement and the social determinants of health.

Students with a wide variety of undergraduate degrees and professional experience are admitted to the School of Community Health.

Admission requirements

Health Promotion M.P.H.

Health Studies M.A./M.S.


Gerontology Graduate Certificate

Health Studies M.A./M.S.

Students pursuing the M.A./M.S. - Health Studies degree must complete at least 48 graduate credits with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher, including a core of 22 credits, and 24 additional credits from the physical activity/exercise concentration and 3 credits of elective to be determined by student & advisor.

All M.A./M.S. students must complete a thesis and an oral defense of the thesis.


The following courses are required:

Common Required Courses

PHE 512Principles of Health Behavior I


PHE 520Qualitative Research Design


PHE 521Quantitative Research Design and Analysis


PHE 530Epidemiology I


PHE 503Thesis


Concentration Courses

PHE 507Seminar


PHE 556Health Aspects of Aging


PHE 558Perspectives on Aging


PHE 573Physiology of Exercise


PHE 575Exercise Testing Techniques


PHE 576Physical Activity, Health, and Disease


PHE 577Exercise, Nutrition, and Performance


USP 634Data Analysis I


Soc 592Qualitative Methods


Electives (3)

3 credits of elective to be determined by student & advisor.