Graduate Certificates

Addictions Counseling Certificate

A series of six courses at the graduate level, providing a broad overview of addictions counseling, concepts of treatment, and clinical skills. The program is intended for human services treatment professionals in the community and graduate students in related fields, to enable them to acquire training and education in science-based practices and to provide the knowledge essential to working with addicted populations (18 credits).

Degree Requirements

Core Courses

Courses are designed to be taken in sequence. The Capstone class cannot be taken until the other classes have been successfully completed.

Coun 536Addictions Counseling Capstone


Coun 532Assessment and Diagnosis of Substance Abuse


Coun 531Foundations of Substance Abuse Counseling


Coun 533Treatment of Substance Abuse I


Coun 534Treatment of Substance Abuse II


Capstone Elective Courses

Coun 535Dual Diagnosis


Coun 507Addiction Pharmacology


Total Credit Hours: 18