Graduate Certificates

Infant Toddler Mental Health Certificate

A series of online course work spanning four quarters for professionals who provide services to families with children from the prenatal period to 36 months of age, taught by an inter-professional team of faculty. Focuses on infant and toddler social, emotional and developmental difficulties; protective factors in family environments, risk factors for mental health health problems in family environments, early screening and assessment, theories of treatment, home- and community-based interventions, diagnostic classification systems for mental health disorders in young children, and collaborative service approaches.

Degree Requirements

Program of Study

CI 592Dynamic Models of Infant/Toddler Development


Coun 597Strengths, Risk Factors, and Disturbance in Infants, Toddlers, and Their Families


SpEd 594Assessment Methods and Classification in Infant Mental Health


SpEd 595Prevention and Intervention in Infant Mental Health


Coun 507Professional Development in Infant Mental Health


Total Credit Hours:17

Coun 520Collaborative Partnerships to Support Infants and Toddlers: 3 credits required.

Total Credit Hours: 20