In Oregon, a system of multiple measures is used to determine the status of program completers, who can then be recommended to the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TPSC) for licensure. One component of this system requires the educator to pass a basic skills test, subject matter tests, and a civil rights knowledge test. For information on Oregon testing requirements please refer to the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission website.

Because passing tests is required for program completion in Oregon, the state pass rate is 100%. Those who do not pass the required tests are not considered program completers and are not eligible for licensure recommendation.

Graduate Teacher Education Program

Dual Elementary Education Special Ed Licensure

Secondary Dual Educator Program (SDEP)

International Teacher Education Program

Bilingual Teacher Pathway (BTP) Program

Initial K-12 Teaching License in Library Media


ESOL/Bilingual endorsement

Library Media Endorsement

Educational Administration

Literacy Education/Reading Endorsement

School Counseling Licensing

Special Education Licensure Programs

Special Educator Initial License Program

Added Special Educator Endorsement (AddSPED)

Visually Impaired Learner Initial License or Endorsement Program

Early Intervention Special Education Initial License or Endorsement Program

Continuing Education Graduate School of Education (CE/ED)

Educational Administration

Two authorized programs comprise the Executive Leadership Program leading to institutional recommendations for initial and continuing administrator licensure of qualified persons for positions as building and district level administrators. All students are required to have an approved program of study, as described below, filed with the Graduate School of Education. Admission requirements and detailed program information for each program are available from the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy (ELP) and on our Web page at

The Initial Administrator License (IAL) Program

This program prepares individuals for positions as building-level administrators. This license requires completion of a master’s degree and three years of teaching experience. The licensure program may be completed either as part of a master’s degree in educational administration or subsequent to the completion of a master’s degree in the professions from an accredited institution. The initial administrator curriculum includes:



ELP 569Introduction to Educational Administration


ELP 511Principles of Educational Research and Data Analysis I



ELP 570Human Relations and Educational Foundations


ELP 571Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum


ELP 572Human Resource Development and Organizational Change


ELP 573Educational Leadership Project I


ELP 574Education Leadership Project II


ELP 575Educational Leadership Project III


ELP 509Administrative Practicum


Total Credit Hours: 32

The Continuing Administrator Licensure Program (CAL)

This program prepares individuals for positions as continuing school administrators and as school district administrators. This program requires prior completion of the initial administrator program or its equivalent.


ELP 576Education, Community, and Society


ELP 577District and School Staff Supervision and Evaluation


ELP 578Communication and Conflict Management in Educational Organizations


ELP 579Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Leadership


ELP 580District Policy, Operations, Facilities, and Finance


ELP 581U.S. and Oregon School Law and Policy


ELP 506CAL-Special Problems


Total Credit Hours: 28

Students who completed an earlier licensure program prior to 2005 should consult with the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy (ELP) to determine what new license requirements must be met.