In Oregon, a system of multiple measures is used to determine the status of program completers, who can then be recommended to the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TPSC) for licensure. One component of this system requires the educator to pass a basic skills test, subject matter tests, and a civil rights knowledge test. For information on Oregon testing requirements please refer to the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission website.

Because passing tests is required for program completion in Oregon, the state pass rate is 100%. Those who do not pass the required tests are not considered program completers and are not eligible for licensure recommendation.

Graduate Teacher Education Program

Dual Elementary Education Special Ed Licensure

Secondary Dual Educator Program (SDEP)

International Teacher Education Program

Bilingual Teacher Pathway (BTP) Program

Initial K-12 Teaching License in Library Media


ESOL/Bilingual endorsement

Library Media Endorsement

Educational Administration

Literacy Education/Reading Endorsement

School Counseling Licensing

Special Education Licensure Programs

Special Educator Initial License Program

Added Special Educator Endorsement (AddSPED)

Visually Impaired Learner Initial License or Endorsement Program

Early Intervention Special Education Initial License or Endorsement Program

Continuing Education Graduate School of Education (CE/ED)

Special Education Licensure Programs

The PSU Graduate School of Education offers licensure and endorsement programs for:

  • Persons seeking their special education initial Oregon teaching license.
  • Persons seeking elementary education initial Oregon teaching license and an elementary special education endorsement through an integrated dual program.
  • Persons seeking mid-level and/or secondary education initial Oregon teaching license in a content area and a secondary special education endorsement through an integrated dual program.
  • Teachers who hold a valid Oregon teaching license in general education and wish to add the special education endorsement.
  • Teachers who hold a valid Oregon teaching license in special education and wish to take advanced specialty coursework as part of their continuing professional development plan.
  • Persons who wish to complete a Master of Arts (M.A.) or Master of Science (M.S.) degree in special education.

Dual endorsement options

The Special Education program offers a dual endorsement option in elementary education (general education licensure) and special education, referred to as the Inclusive Elementary Educators Program (IEEP). A Secondary Dual Endorsement Program (SDEP) is offered in mid-level high-school education and special education. Students who complete these programs receive two endorsements and their master's degree.


In addition to a bachelor’s degree, experience in education such as: early childhood special education, elementary, mid-level, or secondary teacher, instructional assistant, substitute teacher, or community experience is strongly recommended. Applicants without experience are encouraged to enroll in UnSt 421 or SpEd 460 Outdoor Ed/Recreation for a two-week summer camp experience at Mt. Hood Kiwanis Camp with students with disabilities to determine if they wish to pursue a career serving populations with special needs.

Learn more about special education programs on our web page for prospective students or attending one of our advising sessions.

PSU offers programs leading to state licensure and endorsements in the following areas: