Graduate programs

Materials Science and Engineering M.S.

The Master of Science in materials science and engineering degree provides advanced coursework and research that blends basic materials science with fundamental engineering principles and practice. Closely tied to industry needs and applications, the program supports research in metallurgy, semiconductor materials, composites, welding and joining, photovoltaic manufacturing, and material testing. Current faculty research includes high strength alloys, electroslag welding technology, acoustic emission methods, modeling of molding and casting, chemical-mechanical planarization, and heat treatment.

In addition to meeting all University requirements for the M.S. degree, the candidate must satisfy the following departmental requirements: (1) 45 graduate credits; (2) Core requirements of ME 513 or MSE 513 (depending on student background), MSE 547, MSE 515, MSE 525, and MSE 507; (3) A set of specialty courses approved by the Student Program Committee; (4) Research yielding 6-9 credits; (5) Passage of the final oral examination. The student will be able to choose between a thesis option and a project option for the research component.

Each student is assigned an adviser upon acceptance to the program, and the adviser will be the primary contact for the student in the department. The Student Program Committee, a group of three faculty members, will meet with each student twice per year to review the course of study that the student and adviser have chosen and to monitor overall program quality.