Tuition, fees, and aid

Basic graduate fees

Tuition and fees associated with graduate study at PSU are available from Student Financial Services. The admission application fee is required and is nonrefundable. All newly admitted graduate students are assessed a one-time graduate matriculation fee in their initial term of admission. Graduate tuition and fees assessed each term depend on the total number of credits in enrolled classes, differential tuition, and resident or nonresident status in the state of Oregon.

Financial assistance

Graduate assistantships

The University offers graduate assistantships for teaching, research, and administrative support on a competitive basis for students working toward graduate degrees at PSU. To qualify and to remain eligible for an appointment, a student must be admitted with Regular or Department Conditional status and be in good academic standing in a graduate degree program at PSU. (Students admitted only to a graduate certificate program are not eligible for a graduate assistantship.) Graduate assistants must be registered for and satisfactorily complete a minimum of 9 graduate academic credits applicable to the degree each term the assistantship is in effect (except Summer term) with term and cumulative GPAs of 3.00 or higher, and must show satisfactory academic progress in fulfilling the requirements of the degree program. The student’s department chair or graduate coordinator may allow up to 4 undergraduate credits within the 9 credits if the undergraduate credits are needed as prerequisites for graduate courses or are important to the student’s plan of study. Any request for a student to take more than 4 undergraduate credits per term must be approved by the Office of Graduate Studies.

Graduate assistants are provided a salary on a regular periodic basis as compensation for the service provided and receive a partial remission of the instructional fee portion of tuition each term of appointment. Students wishing to apply for graduate assistantships must correspond directly with the appropriate department offering the assistantship.


The Office of Graduate Studies administers several scholarships and awards through our office, and also provides links to many external funding source. 


Under the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) Regional Graduate Program agreement, residents of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming admitted to specific degree programs are assessed resident tuition. A full list of approved programs is available on the application form. Completed applications are submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies.