School of Gender, Race, and Nations

150 Parkmill (PKM)

  • Graduate Certificate in Gender, Race, and Nations

Black Studies
150 Parkmill (PKM)

Chicano/Latino Studies
150 Parkmill (PKM)
503-725-8499 or 503-725-3472

Indigenous Nations Studies
239 Parkmill (PKM)

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
150 Parkmill (PKM)

The School of Gender, Race and Nations (SGRN) is comprised of four units: Black Studies, Chicano/Latino Studies, Indigenous Nations Studies, and Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. This collaboration is interdisciplinary at its core. The overarching areas evident in the school's name feature the rich constellation of interlocking and challenging factors key to understanding our society and making changes for a more socially just future. Our goal is to create a space for excellence in studies and research of culture, race, ethnicity, sovereignty, nation, migration, class, gender and sexuality. The School of Gender, Race and Nations offers a graduate certificate. The School is involved in hosting nationally recognized academics and activists; developing innovative collaborations; and strengthening community-based activism, academic exchanges and scholarship.