Comm 515 Problems of Intercultural Communication

Builds upon the theories and issues discussed in the introductory course by including contemporary and classical literature on multicultural and intercultural communication. Identifies and analyzes politically constructed categories of race, age, class, gender in society against the backdrop of debates on multiculturalism in the United States. Examines categorizations of race, class, etc. in their historical, social, and cultural context, and how those have influenced mass-mediated and interpersonal communication. Uses mass media (television, radio, daily print media, music) texts to provide examples of how we understand ?difference? and ?otherness? in our daily lives.



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Also offered for undergraduate-level credit as Comm 415 and may be taken only once for credit.


upper-division standing. Expected preparation: core communication courses (Comm 300, Comm 311, Comm 316, Comm 326), and Comm 215 ? Introduction to Intercultural Communication.