SHAC Dental Services

Dental Services
University Center Building Suite 307
527 SW Hall Street

Dental Services in the Center for Student Health & Counseling (SHAC) is staffed by licensed, experienced professionals who provide dental care with the student’s health and comfort in mind. PSU students enrolled in one (1) or more credit hours per term can access Dental Services on a fee-for-service basis. All fees are billed to the student’s account. There is no student dental insurance plan, however the cost of services is greatly reduced compared to those of a private dental clinic. Dental Services’ staff will submit claims to all private insurers that allow it. However, Dental Services is not responsible for the determination of benefits. Dentists make referrals if a student needs a specialist or more intensive dental treatment.

Some of SHAC’s dental services include:

• Full comprehensive exams, x-rays, and cleanings

• Sealants

• Fillings (amalgam and white)

• Crowns, partials, and dentures

• Night guards

• Custom bleaching trays

• Oral surgery/wisdom teeth extraction

• Root canal therapy

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