SHAC Health Promotion & Education

Health Promotion & Education
University Center Building 307
527 SW Hall Street

Health Promotion & Education in the Center for Student Health & Counseling (SHAC) is a vital component of the healthcare continuum, taking a proactive approach to healthcare that stresses prevention, using various strategies, with the ultimate goal of keeping PSU students well. The focus of health promotion rests in comprehensive community level interventions aimed to influence the environment in which students live, work, and learn. This work is accomplished through health promotion programs (planned, organized events and activities that empower students over time to make informed decisions regarding their health); health education (providing health enhancing learning experiences for faculty, staff, and students through campus-wide events, workshops, and classes); and environmental approaches (policies and partnerships).

Health Promotion & Education has a peer health education team: the Wellness and Health Action Team (WHAT).The WHAT is a group of PSU students who take a peer mentor approach to talking about and educating students on healthy lifestyle choices.

Health Promotion & Education also manages the Mind Spa, a place students can reserve by appointment to relax, reduce stress, and learn stress and anxiety-reducing skills. The Mind Spa includes a yoga space, full-body massage chair, light therapy alcove, and a biofeedback station. For further information, visit