Undergraduate programs

Undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in teaching should refer to the “Teacher Preparation” section in this catalog for information regarding recommended preparatory programs for elementary and secondary teachers.

Special Education B.A./B.S.

In addition to meeting the general University requirements, the student must complete a minimum of 75 credits in the following special education courses.

Career and Community Studies Certificate

The programmatic focus of this pre–baccalaureate certificate is to develop knowledge and competencies for adult life and employment through inclusive academic, career development/employment, and social/community engagement experiences. Each student's CCS certificate program of study begins by establishing an Individual College and Career Plan (ICCP) that includes the student’s employment and independent living goals and the inclusive academic, career, and independent living experiences. This plan will establish goals which will lead to meaningful, integrated employment after certificate completion. The CCS certificate culminates in an ePortfolio summarizing the student’s academic and career/employment experiences and competencies.

Admission to this program is limited; please contact the College of Education for information.

The Certificate of Career & Community Studies is designed as a four-year college experience as shown below: