OMSE 555 Software Engineering Practicum I

The objective of the practicum is to provide hands-on software engineering management and development experience applying the principles, methods, processes and tools learned from OMSE courses. The practicum is comprised of two parts and organized as two courses, OMSE 555 and OMSE 556 (3 credits each) completed in sequence. The class is grouped into one or more integrated project teams jointly undertaking a coordinated software engineering problem. The evaluation (grading) process equally weights group and individual performance. Problems undertaken by student teams apply the practices learned in OMSE classes across the software engineering process. Projects range from technical evaluations, analysis and specification, through architectural design to prototype development and testing. Every project involves applying best project management, quality assurance and configuration management practices. This is the first course in a sequence of two: OMSE 555 and OMSE 556 which must be taken in sequence.




All core OMSE courses other than OMSE 555 and OMSE 556, namely, OMSE 500, OMSE 511, OMSE 513, OMSE 525, OMSE 531, OMSE 521, OMSE 532, OMSE 533, OMSE 534, OMSE 535 and OMSE 551.