International and Global Studies

341 East Hall (EH)

  • B.A. in Global Studies
  • B.A. in International Development Studies
  • B.A. in Regional Studies
  • Minor
  • Certificate in African Studies
  • Certificate in Asian Studies
  • Certificate in European Studies
  • Certificate in Global Studies
  • Certificate in Latin American Studies
  • Certificate in Middle East Studies
  • Certificate in Contemporary Turkish Studies

The Department of International and Global Studies offers a B.A. degree based on an interdisciplinary curriculum that provides a global perspective, and multiple tracks for students to pursue their particular interests in a theme or region. This degree offers an excellent foundation for careers that require a comprehensive understanding of international affairs, including economics, politics, development and culture. This major provides a solid foundation for graduate work in the field.

Degree Maps and Learning Outcomes

Admissions Requirements

B.A. in Global Studies

B.A. in International Development Studies

B.A. in Regional Studies

Minor in International and Global Studies

International and Global Studies Certificates

Education Abroad

International and Global Studies Courses

International and Global Studies Certificates


Certificates in Regional Studies (28 credits)

Six different regional studies certificates may be earned simultaneously with a B.A. or B.S. degree, or post baccalaureate in any major. Certificates are available in: 

  • African Studies
  • Asian Studies
  • European Studies
  • Latin American Studies
  • Middle East Studies,
  • Contemporary Turkish Studies.

Each certificate focuses on the study of a group of countries or a geographical area having common linguistic and/or cultural characteristics. The course of study is designed to broaden a student’s understanding of a particular world region.

For the regional studies certificates students must take:

  • 28 credits of advisor-approved courses. The specific courses needed for each regional certificate differ; discuss the options with an International & Global Studies faculty advisor.  
  • Two years (or equivalent proficiency) of a foreign language appropriate to the region;

Certificate in Global Studies (20 credits)

A Certificate in Global Studies may be earned simultaneously with a B.A. or B.S. degree, or post baccalaureate in any major. The certificate offers students an opportunity to be recognized for their interest in and awareness of globalization and global studies in all of its aspects -- economic, cultural, political, environmental and social.

The Certificate in Global Studies consists of 20 credits of global studies or globalization-focused work including:

  • a 4-credit foundational course;
  • 16 credits of elective coursework.

For the foundational course, students choose from among four options (Intl 201, Ps 205, Geog 331U or Soc 320U) and for the electives, students take 16 upper-division credits focusing on Global Studies or Globalization.  See this list of permanent approved courses

Other courses (including variable topics, internships, transfer courses or study abroad courses) will be considered with advisor approval.  


Students completing an International & Global Studies major or minor are not eligible to receive a Certificate in Global Studies.  

Courses taken under the undifferentiated grading option (pass/no pass) will not be accepted toward fulfilling departmental certificate requirements. All courses used to satisfy the departmental certificate requirements, whether taken in the department or elsewhere, must be graded C or above. 


Academic Advisors

Information on courses and requirements is available from CUPA and faculty advisors. Students should see an advisor as soon as they declare their minor and meet regularly with advisors as they pursue their degree.

CUPA Advisors:

CUPA Advising website; 503-725-9210

Faculty Advisors: 

Kimberley Brown,, 503-725-8194;
Evguenia Davidova,, 503-725-8992; 
Stephen Frenkel,, 503-725-5085;
Priya Kapoor,, 503-725-3543; 
Leopoldo Rodriguez,, 503-725-8245;
Shawn Smallman,, 503-725-9978;
Gerald Sussman,, 503-725-5176.