In Oregon, a system of multiple measures is used to determine the status of program completers, who can then be recommended to the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TPSC) for licensure. One component of this system requires the educator to pass a basic skills test, subject matter tests, and a civil rights knowledge test. For information on Oregon testing requirements please refer to the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission website.

Because passing tests is required for program completion in Oregon, the state pass rate is 100%. Those who do not pass the required tests are not considered program completers and are not eligible for licensure recommendation.

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Initial K-12 Teaching License in Library Media


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Initial K-12 Teaching License in Library Media

Not admitting students to the program at this time. The program is under revision.

Students have the option of selecting a program leading to a K-12 Initial Teaching License in library media. The program includes library media and education coursework, and student teaching experience in a library media center. This enables the student to be a K-12 library media specialist, but not a classroom teacher.

Admission Requirements

The Graduate School of Education and Continuing Education/School of Education have a number of general requirements for admission to this licensure program:

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Admission to PSU
  • Cumulative 3.00 GPA
  • Psy 311 Human Development (or equivalent)
  • CI 432 Computer Applications for the Classroom (or equivalent)
  • Lib 428/528 Children’s Literature (or equivalent)
  • Lib 429/529 Young Adult Literature (or equivalent)
  • SpEd 418/518 Survey of Exceptional Learner
  • C-BEST (California Basic Educational Skills Test) or PRAXIS PPST (Pre-Professional Skills Test)

Program Requirements


CI 511Classroom Management

1 - 3

CI 512Teaching and Learning

1 - 3

CI 513Classroom Instruction and Technology


CI 514Multicultural and Urban Education


CI 516Integrated Methods I


Lib 530Literature Promotion Programs, K-12


Lib 534Administration of the School Library Media Center


Lib 536Design and Production of Instructional Media


Lib 541Reference and Information Systems and Services


Lib 542Collection Development and Evaluation


Lib 548Organization of Library Media Collections


Lib 554Student Teaching I


Lib 555Student Teaching II


Choose One:

CI 521Reading and Composition in the Content Areas


READ 530Reading and Composition in the Content Areas


Total Credit Hours: 64

Students must score above Oregon’s cut-off point on the Library Media Praxis Test for PSU to recommend them to TSPC.

For additional information about the program and course work, see